Intranet and internet applications - ERP and CRM software

Intranet and Internet applications

RAS and HMS - Reservation and Accountancy system and Hotel Management System for Property Managament LTD
Online high effective ERP system that includes:
Customer database with detailed information about client, stays, used discounts, special clients, black lists;
Office accounting - local offices and global company accounting, profits, expenses. Invoice module;
Managed buildings and apartments database - full aparment management including costs for cleaning, electricity, repairs, internet, cable tv, appliances, apartment status. Online ability for owners to check the details of the aparments - profit, expenses and reservations;
Reservations - calendar of past, current and future reservations.
Transfers - automatically generation of customer transfer list, vehicle status and management;
Reception desk - rooms, reservations, accomodation, departure, client lists, rooming lists, cleaning, paid services, room service, address cars, invoices,
Access control and security - EBPW developed a dedicated hardware for accomodation management and security with RFID (wireless) cards. All room enterings (during the accomodation, cleaning, repairs and other) are monitored and and managed by the system. Any unauthorized access are repored to the security and logged by the system. The HMS system greatly improves the security of the customer and stops unreported accomodations by hotel personal.

OPSMS - Off-Plan Properties Sales Management System for Bulgarian Properties LTD.
Highly sophisticated for managing all aspects of off-plan property sales which includes:
Customer database - online registration for customers and managing the client information;
Payment management - deposit and installments, bank accounts, agent commisions;
Documents - automatic documents generation (contracts, receipts, invoices and etc.);
Building and aparment database - information of all buildings and apartments managed by the system with full online documentation and project status.

ERP and sales web-based software
Online software for warehouse, merchandise database, warranty and service management, sales, consignations, invoicing, realtime information for all aspects of the current and past sales, and warehouse status.

MailPro - custom webmail system for advanced business-class needs.
Includes dedicated system for template manament, phrase database. High quality CRM solution. After inital setup of templates, you will be able to reply to your customers with few clicks. For example if you have tourist website the system can prepare automatically replies for preliminary information, confirmed and canceled reservations, price information for the stay (if connected to a reservation system)

SME Technology grant scheme monitoring database for the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria

ENP AP Project Control Database for TACIS Project

RCBI Project Database (Regional Capacity Building Institute) - Russia
Application for RCBI projects monitoring.